FQM-348 Natural products and applied organic synthesis

The "Natural Products and Applied Organic Synthesis" group was created in 2004, and is made up of lecturers and experts in the field of organic chemical synthesis, structural determination and biotechnology. It has published around one hundred and fifty articles in international magazines, it has made around one hundred and twenty contributions to scientific congresses and has supervised sixteen doctoral theses. Furthermore, its members have participated in the development of around forty research, contract or agreement projects.
The main objective of its research is the synthesis of compounds of high added value for the pharmaceutical, perfumery and agro-food industries. The group collaborates with other medical, biochemical and parasitology groups, as well as companies in the mentioned production sectors. The marked applied character of its research is demonstrated by the development of eighteen patents for inventions, for use in the aforementioned sectors.

The main lines of research are as follows:

- Development of new synthetic methodologies.

- Synthesis of compounds of interest in the pharmaceutical, agro-food and perfumery industries.

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