Access, career and promotion. Special impact on performance assessment

The immediate future is dominated by elements such as variability and the rapid mutation of processes and procedures resulting, among other things, from the digitization of administrative activity but also from the change towards more unstable contexts in which administrative action will move, which will lead us to be managed, surely, with a greater degree of uncertainty. In this scenario, guaranteeing the best choice, the good administration of the selection process and the career of public employees, is crucial to know that we will have the necessary and essential human resources to face the vicissitudes that these changes pose and that in good standing Surely they will require competences, obviously together with knowledge, in which characteristics such as learning potential, information processing capacity, possessing digital competencies, speed and success in decision-making, teamwork, are evaluated. initiative and innovation, the faculty of adaptation or communication skills, etc. This forces us, as can be imagined, to increase the predictability of the system beyond the verification of knowledge that is mutable by nature.


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