HUM-356: Ed. Invest-Granada

The group’s activity began in 1985, with a line of research on university teaching staff (training, self-perception, professional skills, etc.). One of the first fruits of this line of research was a valuable examination of the “satisfaction” of this set of teachers.

Subsequently, new lines of research were undertaken concerning “attention to diversity” and “dysfunction in language”, especially with regard to written expression. The latest line of research focuses on the development of written composition in the context of linguistic diversity.

These latest lines of research have been extremely fruitful, giving rise to various research projects, some of which are doctoral theses. Most of them are funded either in the form of research grants (by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Autonomous Government of Andalusia or the academic board of Research of the University of Granada) or in the form of economic assistance and incentives co-funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

Over the last fifteen years, the group’s increasing scientific production has been made public in different formats (books and chapters of books, prestigious scientific journals, conferences, lectures and participation in scientific congresses, both national and international). Moreover, valuable scientific events have been organised by the group, which has also trained various budding researchers who are now recognised by the scientific community.


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