HUM-228 Visual communication

The group was created in 1988 and registered on 06/10/1989 with the call for applications for grants within the knowledge area of "Andalusia and the EEC".

The main objective of the group is to work towards eliminating phase difference in the development of techniques related to the field of visual communication. In a first phase, within the broad starting group, specific subgroups were created that defined their working field (use of new technologies, organisation of programmes, contact with other related research centres, study and preparation of material and bibliographic/videographic resources, creation of collaboration agreements, etc.).

The main lines of research are the study, analysis and realisation of the visual identity of academic and business institutions, and the creation of didactic material on analogue and digital media. Didactics and research on drawing and graphic design, teaching of drawing and graphic design applied to contexts within and outside university


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