FQM-115: Physics of fluids and biocolloids

This group includes physicists, chemists, biochemists and external partners. The team carries out multidisciplinary research in both basic and applied science of colloids and interfaces. This discipline has direct influences on the environment, in nutrition, food technology and the agri-food industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, the chemical and biotechnology industries, in marine science, soil science, the ceramic industry, petrochemical industry and derivatives, and the catalysts industry among others.

In particular, they study the wetness and the dynamics of drops on chemical and topographically designed surfaces, magnetorheological suspensions, food emulsions, vectorisation and encapsulation of drugs, synthesis of nanoparticles, and colloidal stability. For this, the group has infrastructure and instrumentation of both commercial and ad hoc design, and also has experience in theory and simulation.

One of the most remarkable features of this group is the close and extensive cooperation with the industry.


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