TIC-116: Visual Information Processing Group (VIPG)

The VIPG group is formed by members from the departments of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering, from the University of Granada, and the IT department from the University of Jaén. From the start this group has worked closely with researchers from various international institutions, such as the University of Oxford, and later at the University of Strathclyde, as part of the research into restoring astronomical images; the IMSOR (now IMM) of the Technical University of Denmark, on problems of classifying long-distance detection; and more recently, in areas of visual research, such as image representation, restoring images and reconstructing compressed images and sequences with the University of Evanston (Illinois), Queen's University Belfast and the University of New York.

The group’s members have been actively involved in thirty national and international research projects, and have published numerous articles in major journals and conferences.


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