SEJ-438: Analysis and control of sports performance

The SEJ-438 group: Analysis and control of sports performance was created in 2004. Since its constitution, it has provided knowledge in the processes of physical condition assessment in different sports disciplines, populations and environmental settings. His long career in hypoxia research and his close collaboration with the Sierra Nevada High Performance Sports Center (CSD), makes him a national and international benchmark on the subject. The experience of its members in disciplines such as fighting and combat sports, swimming, triathlon and mountain sports, makes the group have a wide professional range in the analysis and improvement of the technique of the gestures of these disciplines, as in their teaching and sports planning. Mainly made up of professionals in the field of sports science and specialists in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation that allow us synergies around the group's lines of research. The group maintains other collaborations with Spanish and foreign universities, as well as with other research centers.


His main lines of research are:
Analysis and control of performance parameters and the profile of physical qualities in different sports and populations
- Determination of the effectiveness of strength training systems
- Performance analysis and sports training in hypoxic conditions
- Analysis and Improvement of the technique in Swimming and Triathlon: Influence on performance parameters in competition
- Performance and training methods in mountain sports
- Fighting sports and combat
- Therapeutic application of hypoxia


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