SEJ-113: Political Science and Administrative Science

The research group SEJ-113: Political Science and Administration was created in 1995, at the initiative of José Cazorla and Juan Montabes, professors at the University of Granada, joining the same the vast majority of the members of the Department of Political Science and of the Administration of this University, as well as professors and research fellows from the universities of Almería, Jaén, Málaga and Pablo de Olavide. The valuation of its scientific production has made it always rank first - occasionally second - in terms of funding obtained by groups from the branch of social sciences registered in Andalusia.

Its main objectives are, fundamentally, to coordinate research among professors from the universities that are part of the group and contribute to its financing, covering all or part of the registration and attendance costs for conferences and training courses, short research stays, etc. acquisition of books and computer equipment, and organization of training courses and conferences

The main lines of research are the following:
- Analysis of public policies.

- Science of administration.

History and development of Political Science

- Political science as a discipline.

- Political culture.

- Defense and security.

- Elites and political careers.

- Opinion studies and political communication.

- Equality and gender studies.

- Political leadership.

- Politics, government and administration in the Mediterranean Area.

- Politics and government of Andalusia.

- Political theory and political ideology and political thought.

- Theory and practice of the political process.

- European Union.


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