Research Group HIR: Human Intelligence Resources

HIR is an interdisciplinary research group currently composed of researchers of the field of Human Resources and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Granada.

The objective focuses on the development of predictive models for the management of human resources from the analysis of multiple sources of data (Big Data) and its application for the talent management (People + Talent Analytics) with the purpose of improving its productivity and  satisfaction.

Some of the lines of research and services that can be offered to companies are:

•Competence Analysis and proposals for the improving  of the efficiency.
•Optimization of the quality of the working teams.
•Adequacy of person-position-tasks.
•Needs detection and employee orientation.
•Analysis of the workers network.
•Improvement on the recruiting processes and career development.
•Relational analysis of pshycological, social, laboral and organizational characteristics of the workers.