RNM-376: Dynamics of Orogens and Basins

The group was created in 2009 and bases its activity on the characterisation of the structure, evolution and properties of the lithosphere, exploring its impact on the processes that model the earth's surface. To do this, it carries out its work in continental regions and in oceanic environments, particularly in areas where lithospheric plates converge, generating orogens that can collapse to eventually form sedimentary basins. We are particularly interested in integrating geological data and geophysical information to evaluate the structural organization of orogenic regions and sedimentary basins, stablishing the geometry, kinematics and thermal conditions of the deformation episodes. In sedimentary basins, in particular, we integrate their stratigraphic architecture and sedimentation characteristics with the nature and age of the deformations and subsidence, estimating finally the incidence on the history of the petroleum system.


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