RNM-357: Town and land use planning laboratory

The Town and Land Use Planning Research Group was created at the end of the last decade of the 20th Century, within the field of the same name, and is now responsible for providing education in these matters in three centres within the University of Granada: the Institutes of Technology in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports, and Environmental Sciences. It was created with the objective of organizing and boosting the investigative tasks of the members of the Town Planning multidisciplinary area. Its research lines can be grouped into two main streams, that of planning and town and regional projects and that of environmental protection.

In 2009, the initial group split into two according to this division, with architects and engineers in the first group and professors and researchers from environmental sciences in the second. The first conserved the original name of Town and Regional Planning Laboratory and the following specifications refer to it.

Its main research lines are centred around one common objective: To create egalitarian physical environments that promote human and social development, with particular focus on the region of Andalucía. 


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