HUM-432: Knowledge, Truth and Values

This research group formed in 1995 is made up of researchers in the philosophical areas of history of modern philosophy, hermeneutics, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic and epistemology, Spanish Philosophy.

Among the group’s aims is the publication of “The Philosophical and Scientific Works” of G. W. Leibniz in 20 volumes. More than 50 researchers from nine Spanish and five foreign universities are taking part in this project, which is being conducted in co-ordination with the Leibniz-Archiv (Hannover, FR Germany). This collection includes diverse aspects of Leibniz’s work: metaphysics, philosophy of knowledge, logic, philosophy of language, mathematics, philosophy of science (physics, biology, dynamics, optics, geology), philosophy of medicine, philosophy of religion, ethics and political philosophy.

In the setting of the main research, a Hispano-Portuguese Integrated Action Group (Acción Integrada Hispano-Portuguesa) has emerged, as well as a Leibniz Ibero-American Network and a specific collection of publications titled Nova Leibniz.

The group’s members regularly take part in national and international conferences and some members collaborate in the evaluation of study projects, accreditations and plans with different national and regional agencies (ANEP, ANECA, MICINN, SENECA FOUNDATION, ACAP, ASUCYL, etc.). Moreover, researchers from the group also sit on the boards of various scientific associations (The Spanish Leibniz Society and the Spanish Logic Society) and the editorial boards of various national and international journals.


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