HUM-122: LexiCon (Contrastive Lexicography: applications to translation)

The LexiCon research group has carried out research in terminology, lexical semantics, lexicography, metaphor, translation and the representation of specialized knowledge since 1994 within the framework of the Lexical Grammar Model and Cognitive Linguistics.

For the past ten years, the LexiCon research group has focused on the design of multilingual specialized knowledge bases and ontologies. Examples of these resources are Oncoterm ( in the field of Oncology and EcoLexicon ( in Environmental Science. Both knowledge bases provide valuable multilingual information for translators, terminologists, technical writers, and interested sectors of the general public. These knowledge resources have been created with a robust model of semantic analysis, based on lexical templates derived from text corpora and information obtained from terminographical resources. The methodology used is called Frame-based Terminology, which was developed by the members of the research group for this purpose.

The research results of the LexiCon group have been published in more than 200 publications, many of them in high-impact journals, such as Terminology, International Journal of Lexicography, Metaphor and Symbol, Journal of Pragmatics, Target, Languages in Contrast, Cognitive Linguistics and Meta as well as prestigious international publishers, such as Peter Lang, John Benjamins, and Mouton de Gruyter.


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