A directional tissue-ablation device

The present invention concerns the field of surgery and relates to a medical device or instrument, more specifically an invasive device that allows a laser beam to be directed for tissue ablation.


Currently available devices are not able to focus the tissue-destroying beams and destroy surrounding healthy tissue. As radio frequencies are not used, a specific and localised portion of tissue can be irradiated, therefore there are none of the side-effects associated with such radiation. It can be used in any type of tissue. It can be used by a single person. Technical features of the technology that differentiate it from existing technology. 


This device allows internal or external tumours that previously had to be removed surgically to be removed without introducing malignant electromagnetic radiation, such as radio frequencies, some of whose side-effects are still unknown, into the patient's body. The fibre optic focuses the laser light precisely onto the tumour and no undesired radiation propagates beyond the treatment site. Prevents surgery. 


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