FQM-340: Biotechnology of fungi and synthesis of Bioactive Molecules

The research group FQM-340: Biotechnology of fungi and synthesis of bioactive molecules was created in 1983 and is considered a group of excellence by the Junta de Andalucía. It has contributed to the completion of more than 40 doctoral theses. It has developed research projects with funding from public bodies and private companies, and provides consultancy services for Fine Chemistry and Pharmaceutical companies. 

The difference that marks the group's research with respect to others is the dedication to the organic chemistry of natural products. The potential of the group is the modification by means of organic synthesis of bioactive natural products with high added value and of interest in their application in industry.

The social challenge of the cluster is green chemistry in the use of traditional substances (agricultural by-products, waste) instead of materials from petrochemical reserves. The evolution from synthetic to semi-synthetic products from natural sources and resources, the challenge is the sustainability of the products generated.

The main lines of research of the group are the following:

- Fungal Biotechnology.

- Development of organic synthesis methods.

- Combined strategies in the synthesis of bioactive natural products.

- Obtaining natural products from plants.

Web page of the group


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