FQM-302: Quality on analytical, food, environmental and clinical chemistry

The research group FQM-302: Quality in analytical, food, environmental and clinical chemistry -initiated in 2001- develops its research activity related to priority objectives of the European Union (EU) Framework Programmes, establishing as a fundamental objective the proposal of new fast, sensitive and reliable analysis methods based on the use of miniaturised and advanced techniques and employing environmentally friendly methodologies that provide the required level of sensitivity in relation to the legal limits established in characterisation, quality control and food and environmental safety and with the requirements of clinical, forensic and toxicological analysis.
It is made up of 3 university professors, 1 tenured lecturer, 1 professor with indefinite tenure, 3 external collaborating doctors from companies, 1 postdoctoral researcher Juan de la Cierva incorporation, 1 postdoctoral researcher and 3 predoctoral fellows.
The scientific production in the last 5 years (2016-2021) is 64 research articles, 2 books, 5 book chapters and 4 Doctoral Theses directed.

The main lines of research are the following:

- Food Quality and Safety.

- Environmental Quality Control.

- Quality control of drugs and monitoring of biological fluids (serum, urine...). 

- Forensic Toxicology.

- Development of analytical methods.

- Metabolomic studies.

- Study of the exposome.


Website of the group


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