CTS-143: Immunology. Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital

The group was created in 1986, it focussed on the study of mechanisms developed by tumour cells to escape from the immune system. The objectives of the group are to deepen knowledge of the tumour cell-immune system interaction, both at a cell level and molecular mechanism level. The main lines of research are: study of the expression of MHC molecules (major histocompatibility complex) in tumours, molecular mechanisms involved in the alterations of MHC molecules in tumours, study of the metastatic process in preclinical murine tumour models, study of antitumour immunotherapy treatments, classic and new, gene therapy treatments to re-establish immunogenicity of tumour cells, and finally the study of new antitumour agents, with an immune component. The research group has a long research history, internationally recognised as excellent, being one of the international groups of acknowledged prestige on the topic of mechanisms of escape of tumour cells from the immune system, and more specifically on the study of MHC molecules.