SEJ-478: Advanced Research in Business Management

The research group SEJ-478: Advanced research in business management, with extensive experience in knowledge transfer to the productive sector, aims to contribute to economic development, addressing areas related to strategy, innovation, knowledge management, information systems, quality management, flexibility, operations management and business creation.
His research quality has been recognized by the Council of Innovation, Science and Business of the Junta de Andalucía.

The main lines of research are the following:
- Creation of companies and entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurship).
- Operations management in service companies.
- Strategic direction.
- Social economy and non-governmental organizations.
- Technology-based companies.
- Strategic and organizational flexibility.
- Gamification.
- Management of the value chain.
- Quality management.
- Quality and ICT management in the tourism sector.
- Knowledge and innovation management.
- Social networks.
- Servitization.
- Information technologies and dynamic capabilities.

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