SEJ-470- Science and Sport

The research group SEJ-470: Science and sport is oriented to the field of Teaching, Learning and Technological development with the general mission of establishing links between Physical and Sports Activity, Economy and Business as well as the Evaluation and control of the procedures associated with them.

From the scientific community there are many original contributions from research groups in the sports field. The idea of ​​disseminating and transmitting said knowledge from an innovative perspective, promoted by a University / Company symbiosis, allows optimizing resources in management, training and sports training.

Its members have extensive university, research and professional experience. Given the knowledge of the social, business and sports reality, as well as the current needs of the sector, this group tries to generate a new space of value under the following differentiating perspectives: as specialists in the study of the various sports specialties in terms of modifications / regulatory adaptations, performance analysis and training plan organizations among others; as specialists in continuous training based on New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC), based on specialization in methodological renovations associated with them; knowledge of one's own training idiosyncrasy in the various sports degrees and specialties; and as specialists in productive development in the sports sector, generation of strategic plans and management guidelines.

The main lines of research are the following:
- Analysis and research in sports.
- Development of technological applications in the field of sport.
- Evaluation of the socio-economic impact of sport.

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