SEJ-430: OTHERS-Feminist viewpoints in social research

The research group SEJ-430: OTRAS-Feminist perspectives in social research is attached to the Institute for Women's Studies of the University of Granada. The research team works on research topics in feminist theoretical and epistemological perspectives.

Research team objectives:

  • Respond from our knowledge to the existing social, institutional and business demand in relation to the achievement of gender equality.
  • Make ourselves visible in the Social Sciences Area of ​​the Andalusian Research Plan as a feminist research group.
  • Obtain resources that allow our professional, academic and social development, as well as the continuity of our research work.

Social challenges:

  • The analysis of the reproduction and change of gender inequalities in the local / global context from ethnographic approaches.
  • The theoretical deepening of the interrelationships between the differentiation processes of gender, kinship, foreigners, ethnicity, social class.
  • The analysis of the relationships between body, gender and sexuality as principles of social structuring from a feminist perspective and critical of the heteronormative organization of gender systems.

Lines of investigation:
- Inequalities and intersectional perspective.
- Gender violence.
- Pedagogical discourses, feminisms and socio-educational action of women: 19th and 20th centuries.
- Depathologization of body and gender diversity.
- Feminist and decolonial epistemologies. Feminist ethnography.
- Care and sustainability of life.
- Citizenship, gender and international migration.
- Social anthropology and public policies. Social work and gender.
- Anthropology of childhood.
- Pedagogy and social education: theories, action and evaluation of interventions from pedagogy and specialized social education.
- Gender, aging and feminism.

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