SEJ-221: Social Work Research Group (SEPISE)

The research group SEJ-221: Study Seminar for Social and Educational Intervention-SEPISE was established in 1995, with the objectives of researching - and training in research - in the fields of social work, social education, and psychology community, and in general, of the social sciences applied to social and socio-educational problems; bringing together in each project, university teaching and research professionals and practicing social intervention professionals.

Its activities are not limited to research and publication, but also places special emphasis on the dissemination of results, social and professional debate and training actions (postgraduate or continuing education).

The main lines of research are the following:

- Social exclusion and its causes. Policies to combat exclusion / Inclusion policies

Ethnic and religious discrimination, immigration, multiculturalism and social work.

The social construction of the professions of the welfare state.


Recently opened lines:
- Social work and social policy in post-great recession and Covid-19 pandemic society
- Social work in marginalized areas
- International social work problems: trafficking in women, youth and girls
- Personal autonomy and rights of women and men with functional diversity
- Digital libraries in the fields of social sciences and social intervention
- Bibliometrics and social work
- Peace, conflicts, human rights and social work
- Health social work
- Democratic governance, associative governance and social development
- Social work and human mobility

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