SEJ-135: Human Rights and Guarantees

The research group SEJ-135: Human Rights and Guarantees was created in order to carry out research on the creation, learning, theorization and application of Law, with the aim that in these processes human rights are guaranteed. It was assumed that in today's democracies, this guarantee should be the axis of all legal tasks.
The research group has participated in evaluations of recent laws, in training courses for judges and other legal professionals, as well as other non-legal professions, in the drafting of legal norms and in advising public institutions and companies.

His main lines of research are:
- Biopolitics and processes of subjectivation.
- Anti-discrimination law.
- Gender impact reports.
- Mediation.
- Social responsibility of companies.
- Rhetoric and argumentation applied to professional practice.
- Legislative techniques and evaluation.


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