RNM-234: Restoration of monuments

This group was created at the University of Granada in the mid- nineties, in response to the growing relevance of the problems of conservation and evaluation of the architectural heritage, in the critical debate about the theories and sciences of architecture.

Its aim is to define a rigorous and controlled reference system for choosing the best intervention techniques, which will allow architectural objects considered historically and artistically valuable to be conserved over time. The guiding criterion is to safeguard the authenticity of the heritage that surrounds us.

The lines of research developed belong to the field of conservation of historical architecture, which is achieved by using the most advanced geo-diagnostic technology and by applying a methodological structure typical of the discipline of restoration.

The group’s inner synergy is appreciably diversified in its specific skills and aspires to become a true inter-disciplinary platform, so that a mechanism of reciprocal enrichment is established between technological and scientific procedures and the theoretical and methodological ones of restoration. Experimentation with a code of practice to approach the conservation of historical buildings revolves around the integration of the team’s inherent skills.

The knowledge of technologies and the acquisition of know-how in their use in the area of diagnostic processes aimed at conservation, allow economic resources to be properly managed in relation to the expected goals.

In the spirit of integrating know-how and skills, the research team is made up of members who complement each other’s work. They have been engaged for some time in the field of knowledge and diagnosis of architecture and intervention in issues of architectural heritage, as well as knowledge of the different dynamics inherent in the context of transforming historic town centres.

This circumstance is a fundamental advantage for setting out an operational system of knowledge and intervention in order to improve the conservation of historic buildings and towns, based on the exchange of knowledge and experience in a spirit of co-operation and willingness to train new technicians, as recommended by the convention signed in Granada in 1985 for safeguarding the European architectural heritage.

The main lines of research are as follows:

- Conservation, restoration and functional reorganisation of architectural heritage.

- Preliminary studies in restoration projects.


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