An Accessible Multimedia Guide (AMG) prototype

The main goal of TACTO, one of the projects undertaken by Group HUM 770, was to apply the theoretical bases to the development of a prototype T&I-based accessibility plan for the A journey around the human body pavilion in the Granada Science Park. This prototype consists of two parts: (1) A theoretical part, concerning a museum-accessibility model based on the T&I in the Journey around the human body pavilion; and (2) an applied part, consisting of an AMG for a selection of the exhibitions in the pavilion aimed at various types of visitor. The contents of the AMG developed as part of this project include: A) An audio guide aimed at different user profiles with their respective needs and functionalities. B) A signed guide in Spanish sign language. C) A video guide with content subtitled in various languages. (See links 1 and 2).


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