HUM-499: Rhetoric of the mediaeval text, image and sound

The research group HUM499 was formed in 1988. A significant, high-quality scientific output has characterised the group’s lines of research, which have sought innovation and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Eclectic and open reasoning have allowed us to produce original material in the field of texts and electronic concordance, word crunchers, etc., resulting in computer processes derived from image digitalisation of mediaeval codices, and the de-structuring of sound and mediaeval music treated experimentally within a spectral conception.

Currently, the “COLECCIÓN ROMANIA” (The Rumania Collection) essays continue to be published. Recently, “ROMANIA NOVA” (contemporary texts) and “ROMANIA MULTIMEDIA” with eight DVDs (scientific and experimental documentaries) were published.

Research into 3D technology and the use of hardware (high definition RIEGLE terrestrial scanner) and software (RISCAM PRO), which represent cutting-edge technology and are unprecedented resources in humanistic research, enable us to offer competitive and novel products of research, development and innovation. These may be of benefit to the ordinary citizen as well as to the specialist.


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