HUM-430: Studies in Current Spanish

The research group has been working since 1995 and is made up of eleven researchers with doctorates. It is subsidised thanks to the support of the Andalusian Autonomous Government and to the projects it undertakes at both national and international level. The professional activity of the group’s researchers is carried on partly at the university (eight of them are lecturers at the University of Granada and one at the University of Warsaw) and partly at centres of secondary education (two teachers).

The group’s activities have a dual nature: teaching and research. The first of these is embodied in the Conference on the Spanish language and its teaching. This is a scientific gathering held every year at the end of November and brings together specialists who are noted for their work in a specific area of linguistic knowledge. The aims of these meetings are the dissemination of research and the co-ordination of Spanish teachers.

The group’s versatility and its members’ interest in diverse research topics allow various aspects of linguistics to be encompassed. Chief among these are: sociolinguistics, Spanish teaching, lexicology, syntax and pragmatics. The scientific and research activity of the team’s members is carried out within research projects, awarded by a competitive procedure, on a regional, national or international scale.


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