FQM-193: Mathematics teaching. Numerical thought

The group was formed in 1988 to work on research into education and mathematics.

The group’s main objectives are to understand the nature of mathematical thought, its teaching and its learning, and put this knowledge into practice to establish programmes for learning and teaching mathematics.

Research into the teaching and learning of mathematics leads to studies examining curricular innovation, teacher training, mathematics teaching or the history of educational processes relating to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Research relating to organising and managing programmes and training plans lead to proposals for designing, developing and innovating the curriculum, assessing and managing its quality, in terms of defining and achieving skills relating to school mathematics.

As a result of this research the group has published several mathematics books for primary and secondary education:

The group also has experience in the employment sector, specifically in:

  • Refresher courses in teaching mathematics for working teachers.
  • School performance and mathematical ability assessment processes.


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