CTS-176: Learning, Emotion and Decisions (LED)

The current research group (CTS-176) was one of the very first groups created as part of the program launched by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia (1987) as “Animal and Human Learning”, thereby covering two major research lines, namely animal and human learning, and the biological basis of these learning processes. This initial group was subsequently split into two, with this group concentrating on Human Learning.

It currently concentrates on three sets of processes: Learning (with special emphasis on Causal Learning in humans), Emotion (especially as regards anxiety and depressive disorders and also to problems related to drug addiction and health), and finally Decisions (decision-making and risk behaviour). It also studies the physiological correlatives (EEG, etc.) of these processes. As such, the group's name was changed to Learning, Emotion and Decisions (LED) in order to better reflect its current research interests. 


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