BIO-201: Microbial Immunology

The BIO-201 "Microbial Immunology" research group was set up in 1988 and was consolidated by the Andalusian Research Plan from the beginning. Since then, it has been under the direction of Prof. Ruiz-Bravo and its scientific activity has focused on the study of the actions that microorganisms (both pathogenic and beneficial), antimicrobial agents and dietary components can exert on the immune system, i.e. the study of the so-called biological response modifying agents. In addition, members of the group have collaborated with researchers from the Microbiology Department of the Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves on various topics of clinical microbiology. Likewise, relations have been maintained with different national and foreign companies, through research contracts or joint projects. The Group has a strong vocation for research training: since its consolidation, members of the group have been directors of a large number of Doctoral Theses, all of which obtained the highest marks, and the doctors trained in the group currently occupy positions of responsibility in different institutions, such as other universities, hospitals and companies.
The main lines of research of the group are the following:

- Interactions between the bacterium Yersinia enterocolitica and the immune system.

- Modification of the biological response by antimicrobial agents.

- Probiotic microorganisms.

- Detection of antimicrobial activity in natural products.

Web page of the group


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